Creative Workshops

Debra shares her creative skills with two workshops, a one-day vocal workshop and a one-day song-writing workshop. 


Singing Workshop

Debra's extensive training, performance and recording experience has enabled her to create her own unique approach to singing. If you would like to improve your vocal technique, develop your vocal skills and gain confidence for a live performance and / or recording session, or if you just want to share a great fun day interacting with others discovering your own true vocal sound while experiencing singing for the first time then the 'Connect With Your Voice' workshop is for you.

Song-Writing Workshop

Writing songs since her childhood, Debra's songs have achieved success within the realms of the commercial pop music and dance music industry, with songs from her debut album receiving airplay on BBC Radio 2. Debra has also written songs for CBeebies 'Tweenies', for CITV/GMTV and many children's projects. She began writing and performing songs in the folk arena as a young teenager and in later years has written songs released by Major Labels in Europe, the USA and Australia.

If you would like to unleash your creative potential, discover your hidden talents and embrace your inner voice that is just waiting to express itself then a songwriting workshop could be perfect for you. By sharing techniques that will enable you to rapidly improve across the areas of creating melody, hooks, lyrical content, song direction and many more, Debra's 'Write From Your Heart' workshop will help you gain confidence in creative songwriting.

All workshops have the additional option of a live performance.

This exclusive live performance from Debra (who is accompanied by additional musicians for the evening), will be held at your venue for all those who have taken part in the workshop. The audience invitation extends out to include the family, friends, students, colleagues, and/or club or society members connected to workshop participants.

Creative Choirs

Creative Choir Workshops with Debra are also an option for adults. Sessions are organised either for small groups of singers from beginners to more advanced through to larger more established choirs. 
Vocal coaching in the workshop uses creative singing techniques and the chance to be creative with original pieces of music.

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