"The audience response to Debra Andrew's song 'Footprints' has been quite overwhelming!"

Aled Jones  - BBC Radio 2's 'Good Morning Sunday' (on 'Footprints')


"Child Of The Universe is one of those rare songs that was so good I had to listen several times. The lyrics are inspirational, the vocal delivery enchanting, and the musical arrangements and production first class. It's not often such a beautifully crafted song comes my way" 

Allan Watkiss – UK Country Radio, BBC Radio Sheffield’s ‘Your Country’, CMA Winner of International Broadcaster 2011 (on 'Child Of the Universe' single)


"Very impressed, a great song with lovely melody and lyrics, and beautifully delivered" 

Charlie Landsborough (on 'Child Of the Universe' single)


"A privilege to play this song.. lovely voice... beautiful, special song" 

Joe Fish -  BBC Radio Lancashire's 'Joe Fish Country' (on 'Child Of the Universe' single)


"I am sure we will hear more from Debra Andrew" 

Jon Philibert - Country Music People Magazine (on 'Child Of the Universe' album)

Album Review From 'Cross Country Magazine' by Dave Walker 

This is a new name to me but Debra Andrew will, I'm sure, be the name on many people's lips in the near future. She has a beautiful, soulful voice that is very easy on the ear and she has produced a 14 track cd that takes you on a journey through her life's experiences with many of the lyrics that I am sure other people will relate to as well. The inlay sleeve shows the words to all the songs and Debra thanks so many people for being part of her life. I loved all the songs but my favourites included Where Would I be Without You and the song of the cd for me, Angel Love. This is a cd worthy of a listen for any good music lover, it is very inspirational.

Album Review from 'Up Country Magazine' by Gaye Teather 

The opening song, Angel Love, is a romantic ballad featuring Debra's sweet and sensual vocals, a gentle introduction. Home To You continues similarly with a softly sung ballad with minimal instrumental backing and simply featuring the singer's clear and breathy vocals.

Till I See You Again is a song about love and separation and is another gentle and heartfelt song. Footprints is a ballad about insecurities and regrets and I Will Try is a song of hope and healing.

The title song, Child Of The Universe is the first single release from the album and takes a philosophical look at the smallness and insignificance of a person within the universe. Lovely words and beautifully sung. No Mystery has a lovely string backing and good vocals and the following song, Where Would I Be Without You is a soulful love ballad. Family is a wistful reflection of the importance of those closest to us.

In My Dreams is the most upbeat track on the album so far and has good lyrics and a nice rhythm. Let Your Light Shine is a positive song with a good beat and good lyrics. The Carole King classic, You've Got A Friend, is next up and Debra sings this gentle song with just a single acoustic guitar accompaniment.

The album nears its end with Eternity, a ballad of love, gratitude and hope. The album closes with Lord Bless Me, a prayerful petition with a lovely string and choral backing. Debra's sweet voice accompanied by a soul stirring choir bring the song to a beautiful crescendo of angelic harmonies.

Debra Andrew has a beautiful voice that lends itself to sweet and soulful ballads which are the main feature of this album. 

If you are seeking an album of contemplative style to just chill out to and savour then you will find this restful and reflective collection of songs a soothing salve for the soul.

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